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Avoid your worst nightmare

What is it

Our flood monitoring solutions detect water from leakage or condensation rooting from damaged or frozen pipes, aging hot water tanks, malfunctioning sump pumps, open plumbing fixtures, sewer back-ups, and from exterior sources. Our integrated temperature sensors also detect situations where plumbing could sustain damage from low temperatures. Our systems give you advanced notice so that the situation could be solved before it becomes detrimental.

Simple solutions for complex water problems.

How it works

On-site monitoring is achieved through our unique hybrid wired/wireless electronic systems. These systems can be installed both during and after construction.


The data that is then gathered through the sensors will be communicated wirelessly to the Building Intelligence Gateway, which will then alert the user if necessary. This then allows for facility management teams, owners, and emergency response restoration contractors to be proactive and address the situation at the very beginning.

flood monitoring how it works diagram
Get an inside look with Analytics

Track moisture detection over time and pin point causes, locations, and times of water intrusion or leakage. 

Have data to perform analysis and back up moisture related claims.

Mitigate risks and save time through proactive sensing and gathered analytics.

flood monitoring analytics
Previous Projects

Lakes District Hospital


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2 stories, 12,000 Sq. Ft.

Flood monitoring WiDAQ with Moisture Detection Sensor Tape (MDS), Building Intelli leak detection system.

UBC Life Sciences Centre: Leak Detection

smt flood monitoring project

75,000 Sq. Ft. FutureCast ACTIVE leak detection system & flood monitoring.

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