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Data from SMT's Building Intelligence Gateway can be served in BACnet IP format by interfacing via the BACnet CAS Gateway.


SMT continues to develop systems that use the most reliable and efficient communication methods in the industry to ensure high data integrity, low power consumption and cost effectiveness for deploying sensor networks. Controller Area Network (CAN) systems are used for wired communications and IEEE 802.15.4 for low power wireless sensor networks.


Data from these networks often need to be communicated to third party control systems for alarm processing, further analysis and automated control system actions. SMT has selected to use the BACnet building automation and control networking protocol for this purpose. BACnet was developed by ASHRAE to meet the communication needs of building automation and control systems and has become the protocol of choice for most building automation control networks.


SMT’s Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG) gathers data from wired CAN networks and/or wireless sensor networks and communicates this information to a CAS 2700 gateway on the same network. The CAS gateway developed by Chipkin Automation Systems communicates to 3rd party BACnet systems using BACnet IP over a standard Ethernet network. 


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BACnet CAS Gateway

  • Supported Clients:

    • BACnet 
    • Modbus IP 
    • Modbus TCP
    • Ethernet and RS485
    • Built in Web Server for easy configuration and setup.
    • BiG plug-in communicates to CAS Gateway. Facilitates on-site configuration and sensor network verification.
    • Sensor data can be echoed to Building Analytics for advanced analysis and vendor support/interpretation.
    • BiG gateway can be equipped with a relay for redundant alarms in the event the network interface is unavailable.
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