The Concrete Moisture Sensor (also known as Dielectric Moisture Sensor) is a capacitance based sensor designed to measure moisture content in masonry or concrete.


Moisture content using probes embedded in masonry is error prone due to the difficulty in achieving intimate contact with the material under test. Similarly, Embedded Moisture Sensors (EMS) not only rely on physical contact but also require additional time for moisture to reach equilibrium with the masonry material.


The Concrete Moisture Sensor (CMS) uses a dielectric technique tuned to operate at 5MHz in order to measure MC in masonry systems. The external sensor circuitry is designed to interface to SMT’s wireless dataloggers and deliver data to Analytics where conversion formulas are applied. 


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Concrete Moisture Sensor

    • Works with SMT wireless A3 dataloggers.
    • Moisture Content conversions and temperature compensation applied in online Analytics software.
    • Integrated control capacitor used to negate error in data acquisition measurements.
    • Circuitry tuned to work at 5 MHz in order to capture presence of water and not residual ions.
    • Uses Flexible Stainless Steel electrodes suitable for installation on, under or inside any masonry material.