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This kit is designed to detect the physical presence of moisture. This type of structural condition is often times found in residential, commercial or industrial projects. Instances where this system would prove advantageous can be seen with; Conventional &/or low slop roof designs, wood frame wall assemblies, linear window sill placements, bulk appliance use, residential or commercial plumbing & cooling systems, pump and service rooms, HVAC duct systems, industrial effluent treatment, or any type of closed cell containment/transport/waterproofing system.


The kit comes with 32 stainless steel 316 moisture detection strips in pre-terminated 5' & 10' lengths for use with 6,400 feet of single pair & shielded outdoor rated cable. The system is housed in a custom fabricated enclosure, taking advantage of light weight fiberglass and durable marine grade plastics with liquid tight seals and fittings. The field station comes with an on-board gateway computer, USB hub, I2 Wikey receiver, wireless modem for internet connectivity, video uplink for service support and field communications, Dry Contact Relay for direct BMS integration, a Humidity & Temperature sensor, backup battery system, and an internal lighting and cooling package to ensure this station never fails, overheats, or succumbs to perpetual uptime damage.


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Conventional Roof Moisture Monitoring Kit

  • BiG Relay

    SMT-I3 Gateway Interface

    Custom Fabricated Industrial Enclosure, Cross Vented, On-board Lighting Package, Liquid Tight Fittings, & Tamper Resistance 

    32 Pre-terminated SS316 Rev. D Tape Sensors on 6,400 feet of 1pr & Shielded, Exterior Rated Cable, with a 10m Ohm Resistor Pkg. 

    5x Pre-programmed, Enclosure seated A3-I22-H00-8R Data Acquisition Units with Battery & AC interconnect enabled

    Building Intelligence Gateway, shock proof mounting, compression secured, & Analytics commissioned

    5 x External Humidity & Temperature Sensors each on 200 feet of exterior rated Cat5E cable

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