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The Industrial Wireless Data Acquisition Node (WiDAQ) is a high precision measurement device designed for distributed remote sensor data acquisition. The built-in 24-bit A/D converter and low noise high precision measurement circuitry facilitates data acquisition from a wide variety of precision sensors used in Building Science research.


The Industrial WiDAQ has the ability to communicate both wireless and wired to the SMT Building Intelligence gateway. When wired, the Industrial WiDAQ can serve as a CAN coordinator for other wireless WiDAQs. This configuration offers several benefits over a wireless only system as wired nodes act as coordinators for remote nodes resulting in increased battery life and facilitates wireless deployment in areas where wireless communication is not sustainable. The wired backbone operates over the industry standard Controller Area Network (CAN) permitting dense sensor deployments in harsh environments.


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Industrial WiDAQ

  • Building Science Research (long term)

    • Window and wall module evaluation. 
    • External façade sensing


    Green Roof Research

    • Mass moisture and temperature sensing


    Field Applications/ResearchLong term structure monitoring

    • Targeted repair monitoring
    • See the Mobile WiDAQ datasheet for fast deployment, short term monitoring solutions.
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