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The SMT Moisture Calculator App for Android devices allows any ohmmeter or mulitmeter to calculate the moisture content of wood and gypsum.



Readings from standard ohmmeters may not represent the true moisture content of your material. Dedicatedmoisture content meters are recommended for professional applications.


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Moisture Calculator Application

  • Use a common ohmmeter or mulitmeter to calculate the moisture content of wood, gypsum or other building materials using the SMT Moisture Calculator App.


    • Using an ohmmeter or multimeter, select Ohms mode. If auto-range is unavailable, start with the 10Mohm range.
    • Insert the test leads firmly into the desired material spacing them approximately 25mm or 1 inch apart.
    • Adjust the range accordingly until the meter gives a consistent reading.  In the event of an out of range (OL) reading; increase the range.
    • Enter the reading into the resistance field in the app to convert to moisture content.
    • For improved accuracy, select the appropriate wood species/material and input the material temperature.
    • Use a Megger or Insulation tester to obtain readings in dry materials.

    • In wood, measure against the grain, avoid knots and joints.

    • For improved accuracy, perform measurements in both polarities as some materials inherently have a diode effect.

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