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The SMT PMM Extension uses a plastic pipe or adhesive heat shrink over the threaded parts of the thread rod probe. 


Order of installation:  1. pre-drill to just 1/4" the probe length in the wood, and insert the probe in to the wood. If the PMM Extension comprises of a plastic sleeve used sealant at both ends of the tube to keep the water out of the measurement.


Make variations: 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" contact SMT for custom lengths.


The PMM (Point Moisture Measurement sensor) extensions permit measurements to be taken from various depths within a chosen wood assembly (traditionally CLT, NLT, or Plywood).


*All units are sold in pairs.

*Customized length available and different prices may apply depending on the length. Please contact SMT for length options matching your specific project needs.



PMM Extension Pins

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