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The Point Moisture Measurement (PMM) Sensor is used to perform a direct contact measurement of moisture content in a material susceptible to moisture absorption. The PMM can be used to sense the moisture content of wood or moisture level of gypsum, concrete or masonry.


The design of the PMM ensures moisture probes are spaced apart consistently and contains an integrated temperature sensor for temperature correction of moisture content readings. Sensor data is transported to the Building Intelligence Gateway where temperature compensation and wood species correction factors are applied. Contains integrated thermistor and easy connectivity to SMT A3 and A2 Data Acquisition Devices.


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Point Moisture Measurement Sensor (PMM)

    • 3.5mm Audio Interface interfaces to SMT Mobile WiDAQ unit.
    • Leaded version interfaces to SMT Industrial WiDAQ unit.
    • Sealed and rugged design allows for deployment in harsh construction environments
    • Built in temperature sensor allows for temperature compensation.
    • Temperature data is transmitted and recorded along with Moisture Content Data
    • Low profile design allows for easy deployment.
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