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Trigger Tape is a leak detection device used to interface SMT’s Moisture Detection Sensor (MDS) to third party alarm monitoring control systems or security systems.

The Trigger Tape unit provides a digital 5V output and a dry relay alarm contact indicating the presence of water on the Moisture Detection Sensor.


The Moisture Detection Sensor comes in copper and stainless steel versions and is equipped with an adhesive backing allowing it to be easily adhered to any pipe or surface you wish to monitor.


For analog measurements, the MDS can be interfaced to SMT’s A2 and A3 series data loggers.


Price includes 2ft MDS and 6' Leaded Cable.


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Trigger Tape

  • Applications:

    • Flood monitoring alarm systems

    • Leak detection systems



    • Custom lengths of either copper or stainless steel moisture detection sensors available.

    • 0 or 5V digital output

    • Normally open dry relay alarm contact. Normally closed version available.

    • Alarm trigger level between 10KΩ and 20KΩ

    • Green LED indicates unit is powered

    • Red LED indicates the alarm level has been triggered

    • Powered by 8-24VDC power

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