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 The SMT-A3 Wireless Data Acquisition unit is a multi-channel high precision measurement device designed to interface with a variety of different building sensors. The sleek design of the SMT-A3 allows it to be installed in occupied spaces in building units and homes. The SMT-A3 seamlessly attaches to a double junction box and supports up to four external resistance sensors 3 voltage senors with Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Relative Humidity integrated sensors.


The 24-bit A/D and long range wireless proven on the SMT-A2 platform is duplicated on the SMT-A3 making it ideal for building monitoring in both new construction and retrofit work. Options for differential pressure are available upon request.


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The SMT-A3 communicates wireless sensor readings to the SMT Building Intelligence gateway, optional powered repeaters can be used to extend the wireless range.

Wireless CO2 Datalogger

    • Permanent monitoring solutions

    • Temporary Investigative Monitoring

    • Remote sensor analysis and data collection

    • High precision data acquisition

    • Building science research

    • Mechanical System Ventalation Validation

    • Odor Control Studies

    • Built in Carbon Dioxide (C02) Sensor 
    • Supports up to 4 external resistance channels capable of reading wide moisture content ranges and precision thermistors.
    • Supports up to 3 0-5V sensors such as RH, pressure differential, LVDT, displacement, light sensors and more.
    • Supports up to 4 differential voltage inputs capable of reading sensors such as thermocouples, heat flux and more. Gain amplification boost circuitry is available to measure very small voltage differentials.
    • Integrated relative humidity and temperature sensors.
    • Sensors are installed using a two part terminal block permitting sensor lengths to be cut to their appropriate lengths and terminated prior to installing electronics.
    • Large internal memory allows an 8 channel unit to log hourly data for up to 3 years without extracting data.
    • Wireless transceiver with 1000m line of sight communication. Optional repeaters can be used to extend the wireless range.
    • Communicates to SMT Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG) via USB to Wireless device; SMT-I2.
    • Extreme low power device and 3 AA battery pack makes the SMT-A3 suitable for long term battery operation.
    • USB connectivity supports data downloads and firmware upgrades.
    • Backlit LCD user interface for easy network and sensor verification
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