Structure Monitoring Technology Ltd. or SMT, designs software and electronics used to
monitor and evaluate the integrity and performance of commercial and residential
Founded in 2006, SMT has expanded to include low & high value building projects throughout the world.
SMT fosters award winning innovation and scientific excellence in both our product lines and services as well as
in our commitment to customers, clients, & researchers.
Real-time sensor analysis and remote data collection have allowed engineers and researchers to validate designs,
materials and methods to produce more efficient & durable buildings, reducing their environmental impact while
improving quality assurance throughout the construction and/or restoration process.

SMT has deployed systems across North America for:
·       Wood frame homes
·       Glass and steel skyscrapers
·       Shopping centers
·       Heritage buildings
·       Art museums
·       Data centers
·       National research labs
With our Building Intelligence platform, we address the need for automated data collection.
By collecting data and providing analytics of building performance trends and events we assist:
·       Building science professionals
·       Construction firms
·       Restoration companies
·       Owners and management companies