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Provides 4 isolated dry relay contacts that can be triggered on any alarm issed from the Building Intelligence Gateway.


SMTs Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG) is designed to receive monitored data from both wired CAN based units and wireless data loggers. BiG features built in alarm processing routines allowing received data to be converted, compensated and compared against pre-programmed thresholds.


Triggered alarms can be associated with a variety of actions including sending email, alphanumeric page messages, running an external software program, displaying a pop-up message and by controlling relay alarm contacts.


Relay alarm contacts can be used to trigger signals to building management systems (BMS), trigger external buzzers, visual alerts or even actuate shut off valves. The relay can also be used to remotely toggle or reset something if required.


See the datasheet for BiG configuration. 


Click to view product datasheets

Click to download the Driver for USB Relay

BiG USB Relay Interface

    • Interface to building management and alarm systems.
    • Activation of audible or visible alarms.
    • Actuation of compatible electronic solenoids, valves and other equipment.
    • For BMS systems requiring detailed alarm information the SMT BACnet CAS Gateway is recommended. 
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