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The Thermal Efficiency Monitoring (TEM) Kit provides an assessment of the thermal performance of existing structures in consideration of existing standards: ASTM C1046-95(2013) & C1155-95(2013).


The heat flux sensor included in the TEM Kit is useful for monitoring the performance of thermal insulation and to perform a direct in-situ measurement of thermal performance. The sensor collects measurements related to energy transfer through a set cross section of the assembly.

An in-situ measurement of walls and roofs can be achieved by applying heat flux sensors to various layers of the assembly. The amount of energy transfer through a wall or roofing system is measured in W/m². In combination with the temperature difference between the two sides of the insulation panel, the thermal performance can be calculated.

Internal occupants, internal airflow, exterior solar radiation, temperature, and the moisture of materials all affect in-situ thermal conductivity and the overall R rating of building assemblies. Thermal Efficiency Monitoring allows for the evaluation of new construction to complement modelling as well as the ability to evaluate aged building assemblies during retrofit.

Shown in Picture 5, installed heat flux sensors are located on the inside and outside of the structure to ensure valid measurements are always taken, despite temperature flips between night and day, season, weather etc.

TEM Kit (Thermal Efficiency Monitoring)

  • 2x Heat Flux Sensors (PHFS-09)

    2x 1000x Instrumentation Gain Amplifier

    2x Temperature Sensors

    1x Data Acquisition Package:

       -2x A3 Battery Powered Wireless Datalogger

        -1x TiG Gateway

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