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LVDT sensors are used for applications where a high level of sensitivity and accuracy is required. For applications requiring a more coarse measurement the Basic Displacement sensor offered by SMT is recommended. 


Depending on the desired resolution and travel to be monitored, the following sensors are available: 


Series 350 LVDT Trans-Tek, Inc. Displacement Sensor

DC Gaging LVDT - Spring loaded spindle with precision linear variable differential transformer. Designed for excellent linearity and high sensitivity. Typically used for stucco or masonry crack monitoring.


Series 353 LVDT Trans-Tek, Inc. Displacement Sensor
This LVDT can be used for example crack monitoring of a building by measuring the relative ovement of two building parts separated by a crack. Uses custom brackets to accomplish this.


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LVDT Sensor (crack monitoring)

  • Series 350 Gaging LVDT Sensor
    Working Range: +/- 0.05 inch (1.27mm)

    Mechanical travel: 0.14 inch (3.56 mm)

    Sensitivity: High

    Non-linearity: <5%


    Series 353 Gaging LVDT Sensor (Custom Brackets)
    Working range: +/- 0.5 inch (12.7mm)

    Mechanical travel: 1.25 inch (31.8mm)

    Sensitivity: high

    Non-Linearity: <5%


    (One sensor per SMT Industrial WiDAQ)

  • Industrial WiDAQ ConnectivityConnect to WiDAQ expansion board differential voltage input.

    MS3101A-14S-5S required to interface to LVDT connector.


    • Polarity must be observed for proper function. Reversal will not damage the unit.

    • For best accuracy, recalibrate with designated WiDAQ.

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