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The Tactical Intelligence Gateway (TiG) is a robust Linux based gateway platform designed to communicate with SMT interface cards and data loggers including the I2/I3, A2 and CANKey.


The Tactical Intelligence Gateway© (TiG) is a compact gateway that serves as a conduit for collecting and transferring sensor data from wireless and wired data loggers to the on-line monitoring and reporting Analytics system. The TiG software engine runs on a Linux platform making it more robust and efficient than the Windows based Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG) system. The compact and headless platform allows for easy and practical deployments of multiple gateways in a single monitoring application. For applications where a user interface and more advanced services are required, the BiG system may be more suitable.


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Tactical Intelligence Gateway (TiG)

    • Compact headless design.
    • Integrated 802.15.4 Wireless Interface (I3)
    • Linux OS allows for better security and less error prone than Windows based systems.
    • Rugged and portable.  Suitable for outdoor applications.
    • Solid state MicroSD storage.
    • Standard Wired 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
    • Optional 802.11 b/g/n wireless connectivity.
    • Supports CanKey interface used for CAN based wired networks.
    • Multithreaded communication permits communication to large sensor networks.  Dedicated data collection system makes it significantly faster and more reliable than the Windows BiG system. 
    • Real time clock (RTC) with built in battery backup.
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