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UBC Brock Commons: Vertical Movement and Moisture Monitoring


LOCATION: Vancouver, BC

COMPLETED: July 2017

AREA: 160,000 Sq. Ft.

SENSOR CLASS: Investigative Research

INDUSTRY: Institutional


The 18-story student residence at UBC slated to be one of the tallest wood buildings in the world standing 53 meters tall. In addition to its primary function as a student residence, the building will serve as an academic site for students and researchers, who will be able to study and monitor its performance and durability during and after construction.

Two areas undergoing research by SMT in this building are vertical movement monitoring which includes wood compression and settling and the second is a study of the moisture performance of pre-fabricated cross laminate timber (CLT).

Included sensors:

  • Point Moisture Measurement (PMM)

  • Temperature Sensor

  • String Pot Displacement Sensor System

Presentations and Papers

More information about the building sensor and monitoring deployed in the UBC Brock are featured in the following presentations and papers:

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