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SMT Project Updates: SOLO District and The Amazing Brentwood

SMT is currently involved with two of the biggest developments in the Burnaby and Metro Vancouver area: The SOLO District and The Amazing Brentwood. With both developments being major zoning projects in the area, we are excited to see the final projects after completion!

SMT is providing our DigiSCAN 360 Services technology to detect leaks in the membranes and to make sure the waterproofing is up to standard in the SOLO District. With a scheduled completion at the end of 2017, the development will have a total of 360 units.

For the Brentwood development, we are providing our Building Intelli systems for permanent moisture monitoring atop select membrane. This is accompanied by a DigiSCAN to make sure all membranes are intact before being covered. Since this development will cover a number of different zones including retail, entertainment, and housing, it is important to make sure all waterproofing is done correctly and that all facets of the membrane are being monitored.

At SMT we strive to give building managers, contractors, architects, roofers, and consultants peace of mind, when it comes to the safety and quality of their building.

Have a similar project in size and scope coming up? Contact us or tweet us @smtresearch.

More information on our roofing solutions can be found here.

Cover photo courtesy of Shape Properties and Daily Hive Vancouver.

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