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Project Profile: Richmond City Hall

photo curtesy of SMT technician


LOCATION: Richmond, BC

COMPLETED: 2023 (Anticipated)

AREA: 6,423 sq. ft.

SENSOR CLASS: FutureCast Active Monitoring

INDUSTRY: Civic Building


This summer, SMT had the chance to install our FutureCast leak detection system in Richmond’s City Hall Building. Originally built in 2000, Richmond City Hall was well known as one of the first civic buildings of it's kind to use wood and a heavy timber structure as a part of it's design. Since then, it has won various architecture awards and continues to serve the growing urban area of Richmond. As more than 20 years has passed since then, the City identified the need for renovations to the building to ensure its kept in its best shape. City Hall is more than just a building, it holds the Meeting House, which oversees changing policy and important changes in local government. City Hall is also home to a variety of multi-purpose rooms and open spaces available for rental, for all different types of private and public events. It has a large civic plaza with an outdoor stage and extensive landscaping, bringing in natural beauty to compliment the space. Since City Hall has a beautiful garden overtop of the roof and exposed wood elements in its design, we wanted to make sure the building would be functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. SMT installed our Active FutureCast leak detection system throughout the roof, to protect City Hall and all its residents and assets. FutureCast Active is constantly online, monitoring the waterproofing integrity from the roof and uploading that data to SMT's Analytics. The owners will be notified regularly about the health of their roof, and will know right away should a problem ever arise.

photo curtesy of SMT technician

Included services:

  • FutureCast Active for Inverted Roofs

  • Inverted Roof scanning using DigiScan 360


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