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Electronic Leak Detection for Inverted Roof Assemblies

SMT's DigiScan Service is a non-destructive electronic leak detection scanning tool for inverted roof assemblies.  

An SMT technician will visit the project site during construction or renovation, and scan the membrane for damage and deficiencies that may lead to leaks if not repaired. 

Areas that need repair are immediately communicated to the roofing contractor, followed by a detailed report of their findings.

Continue scrolling to learn more about DigiScan scanning services, or Contact SMT to receive a free quote for your next project or bid.

The DigiScan 360 is a non-destructive electronic roof membrane scanning tool used for waterproofing quality assurance. 

SMT utilizes DigiScan at the time of construction to verify the integrity of the inverted roof by using low voltage electrical non-destructive testing. DigiScan identifies breaches, insufficient coverage, and penetrations, including from nails or rocks. By scanning the membrane before roofing is finished, the contractor can be sure the membrane has been installed correctly. DigiScan is ASTM D7877 approved for using electrical conductance measurement methods to locate leaks in exposed or covered waterproof membranes. 

digiscan after overburden removal

Product + Service

Book a DigiScan Service and SMT will arrange for a technician to scan your project, and we will provide a detailed report. 


DigiScan 360 is also available as a product for purchase, with certified training that allows waterproofing businesses or building envelope engineers to perform quality assurance scans of their own projects.


Want to learn more about DigiScan?
Download one of our handy overview documents or Contact SMT to talk to our technical consultants.

Brief Overview

Detailed Overview

DigiScan A+E Spec

Visit Our Site

We've created a dedicated DigiScan 360 Services website. Head over for more information, past projects, quotes and fees, and purchasing abilities!

digiscan 360 website
Previous Projects

SOLO District

brentwood-SOLO District

© Daily Hive Vancouver

80,000 Sq. Ft.
Digiscan Service to detect leaks in the membranes and to make sure the waterproofing is up to standard

Parq Vancouver Development

Parq Vancouver Development

© Parq Vancouver

72,000 Sq. Ft.
Digiscan Service to assure the roof membrane was intact immediately after installation; re-scanning prior to covering with overburden

Let us scan your next waterproofing project.
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