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CANKey is a compact CAN USB adaptor designed for CAN bus communication used in networks with a large number of nodes that require communication over large distances. Applications such as building and industrial automation require reliable and robust communication as well the ability to operate without extra infrastructure such as repeaters and hubs.


CAN communication offers excellent reliability and flexibility without costly requirements found in Ethernet based deployments. Lightweight protocols that operate over CAN are excellent for sensor data networks that require high reliability and communicate infrequent small data packets.


The CANKey unit designed by SMT is capable of transmission rates as low as 10 kBit/s allowing communication distances up to 1000 meters over CAT5 cable. At this communication rate, branches with no terminations are possible making the CAN network topology for building and industrial applications simplistic and reliable. 


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CANKey - CAN USB Adaptor

    • Building Automation Systems
    • Industrial Control Data Networks
    • Automotive Systems
    • HVAC Controls
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