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The roof is arguably the most important element of a structure, and the one that is under the most constant strain from the elements. SMT has installed investigative monitoring systems in many different roof assemblies, gathering the data that aids owners, maintenance managers, and consultants in solving structural issues for the long term health of the building.


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Roofing Layers Conventional 4-min.jpeg
Leak Detection Systems for New Construction

Our industry leading Leak Detection Systems for Conventional and Inverted roof assemblies are calibrated to monitor the performance and integrity of the roof. 

inverted roof diagram
conventional roof diagram
Existing Construction - Conventional Roofs

Opening a conventional roof and installing Moisture Detection Tape (MDS), Moisture Content / Temperature (PMM) and Relative Humidity sensors for investigation from the top side of the membrane.


Analyze trends, weather, moisture and temperature profiles from the comfort of your office.

SMT PMM water from the sky.jpg

View Data using Building Intelligence Gateway Software (BiG)


Protection Board


Air Barrier

Roof Deck

Moisture Detection Tape (MDS)

Moisture Content / Temp (PMM)

Relative Humidity / Temp

Data Collection

Depending on project scope and other details, SMT offers a range of options for data collection.

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Previous Projects

UBC Life Sciences Centre

© UBC 

75,000 Sq. Ft.

FutureCast Active leak detection system & flood monitoring

RCMP H Division Headquarters

© SMT Research

256,000 Sq. Ft.

Conventional roof investigative system inside sealed TPO assembly

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