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Project Profile: Vancouver House

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC

COMPLETION: Ongoing, expectedly winter 2019

AREA: 650,000 Sq. Ft.

SIGNATURE SOLUTION: Digiscan 360° electronic leak detection for the plaza deck

INDUSTRY: Residential


SMT is currently on one of Vancouver’s signature projects, the Vancouver House, a 52-floor skyscraper in downtown along with a 10-storey podium and two six-storey, triangular-shaped buildings. The project also includes plans to be the world’s first LEED Platinum high rise. The project will provide animated plaza decks to utilize and energize the space underneath the bridge, and it will create a complete community with 84,000 square feet of marketplace, 74,000 square feet of creative space. Click here to read the full Global News story on the Vancouver House.

photo taken by SMT Staff member

SMT’s Digiscan 360° leak detection technology is being applied to the Vancouver House for verifying the integrity of all the plaza deck areas prior to being covered by a green roof. We scan the site at different stages of the construction to help contractors minimize quality deficiencies throughout the entire length of the project. Like many other large-scale projects during construction, this site could be left unprotected for quite a long period of time and exposed to all foot traffic and/or atmospheric hazards. New damages may occur anytime until the roof is completely done, which makes the use of Digiscan 360° critical in different periods of the project.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. We currently finished scanning the building at multiple stages. Stay tuned for more updates!

Click here to learn more about Digiscan 360°.

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