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What is Investigative Monitoring?
Investigative Monitoring or Building Intelligence, is the integrity monitoring of a building structure.
How does it work?
The investigative monitoring process involves the observation of systems over time, using structural measurement analytics from various sensor platforms. SMT Research manufactures sensors and electronics that are installed during or after construction to monitor the integrity of a building. Using on-site data acquisition, the sensors forward the data to internet for analysis.
What is there to gain?
Through early detection, location, and reporting of concealed moisture, gas, or other variable accumulations, monitoring systems can significantly reduce the risk of damages and claims when events do occur.
Water related claims may be avoided completely or the severity of such claims can be reduced to manageable levels.
Find more information on Investigative Monitoring for:
Investigative Monitoring can be used for the following:
Commercial Residential  
- Restoration & Insurance Reporting - Attic Monitoring  (Attic Monitoring Kit)  
- RCABC Green Roof Leak Detection
 - Home Appliance Monitoring  
- Non-Conductive Membrane Leak Detection - Specialized Security System Integrations  
- Digital Vector Mapping - Roof Leak Monitoring  
- Waterproofing Quality Control - Wood Frame Moisture Content  
- Technical Analysis    
- General Moisture Detection
- Wall & Roof Moisture Content
 - Soil Moisture & Gas Monitoring
- Mechanical Space Monitoring
 - Specialized Environmental Monitoring  
- HVAC Intelligent Integrations
- Condensation Monitoring
- Building Materials Moisture Content
 - Climate Monitoring  
- Building Materials Component Comparisons
 - Building Enclosure Sciences
- Differential Wall Pressures
- Venting Pressure
- Vapour Pressure
 - Bridge Deck Monitoring  
- Window Performance
 - Waste Water Treatment
- Solar Heat Gain
 - Sustainable Forestry
- Solar Radiation Comparisons
 - Data Centers
- Thermal Profiling
- Masonry Moisture
- In-Situ Heat Flux
- Crack / Displacement Monitoring
- Insulation Movement & Shrinkage
- Foundation Moisture Content
- Parkade Monitoring
- Assembly Mockup Comparisons
- Building Element Comparisons