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BCIT: A Pilot Study on First Nation Homes on an Urban Reserve

LOCATION: Squamish, BC



Aboriginal families are significantly more likely to live in poor housing conditions than the general population. In Canada, most of these houses are often located in colder regions, which challenge the construction, the indoor air quality and the energy consumption

How do construction, mechanical equipment, climate, & occupant related factors combined affect the quality of aboriginal homes? There is an urgent need for actual data to understand the factors affecting the performance of these houses. For this research a group of urban aboriginal homes was monitored to obtain preliminary durability, indoor air quality and energy performance data. Technologies that are resilient and responsive to the unique conditions were used.

Included Sensors:

  • Moisture Content

  • Temperature

  • RH

Find the entire study by Loveleen Atwal (M.A.Sc. Candidate) here.

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