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RTDS/TGS Building: Performance Measurement

LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB INDUSTRY: Commercial


The RTDS building is Winnipeg’s first office building on stilts built over a 5.5 metre-deep retention pond. A few key areas were identified to monitor for the purpose of validating the unique architectural design details and for preventative maintenance purposes.

Winnipeg’s extreme weather conditions introduce temperature ranges from -35ºC in winter to +35ºC in summer along with extreme dryness and severe humidity including torrential downpours and potential flooding. Testing the thermal effectiveness and condensation levels of the steel columns as they protrude out of the frozen lake up into the office building are of interest.

In addition to measuring moisture levels and temperature gradients on the steel columns, relative humidity in the air space between the panels and concrete floor as well as movement in the center beam are required.

Included Sensors:

  • Relative Humidity and temperature sensing in air space between insulation panels and concrete floor.

  • Temperature and moisture gradient to monitor condensation and temperature on column from outside, through airspace and up into the building.

  • Track 1 1/2” displacement of beam to foundation wall (both sides).

  • Test for ice build up at the displacement sensor positions. Accomplished by monitoring temperature and moisture

Read more about the Smartpark here.

Design and Construction in cooperation with:

Cibinel Architects Concord Projects Ltd.

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