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Milton District Hospital

Milton District Hospital




AREA: 330,000 Sq. Ft.

SENSOR CLASS: Building Intelli Conventional and Inverted Roof Monitoring, Wall Moisture Detection System.

INDUSTRY: Institutional


A state of the art investment requires state of the art technology. With a $501.3 million dollar investment from the Province of Ontario, the Milton District Hospital expansion will feature cutting-edge diagnostic imaging equipment, electronic patient tracking systems and more advanced technologies for the improved health of residents in the Greater Toronto Area.

The construction of the 330,000 square foot expansion began in April 2015, more than tripling the size of the existing facility. The 25-month project is expected to be completed in Spring 2017, followed by occupancy in the fall.

Included Sensors / Systems:

- Embedded Moisture Sensors (EMS) for block wall monitoring

- Moisture Detection Sensor Tape (MDS)

- Complete Enviromental Weather Station

- Inverted Roof DigiSCAN and Building Intelli Monitoring System

- Conventional Building Intelli Monitoring System

Seeing to the health of the structure itself will be SMT Research.

As industry leaders in leak detection, we are providing our own state of the art foundation, wall and roof moisture monitoring systems throughout the entirety of the expansion, which is set to more than triple the square footage of the existing hospital. Wall monitoring has been added to the externally insulated masonry cladding system with the use of embedded moisture sensors (EMS). Meanwhile, the roof has been outfitted with stainless steel moisture detection sensor tape (MDS) integrated into the roofing system.

With this integrated technology, the building operator will have moisture and leak information available at their fingertips through our Building Intelli monitoring system. This holistic monitoring approach will ensure that the valuable government investment remains sound and protected for years to come.

The Milton District Hospital expansion is being managed by Plenary Health for Halton Healthcare and is designed for LEED Silver Certification. Construction is set to complete in Spring 2017.

For more information on the project, visit Halton Healthcare’s project page.

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