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SMT Sensors Used to Monitor and Create a 'Living Lab'


SMT sensors are now being deployed at Red River College’s new Skilled Trades and Technology Centre (STTC) in Winnipeg. At approximately 100,000 square feet, the centre will be used for a new laboratory and shop space for over 1000 students a year in high demand trades.

As one of the first buildings to be connected through a suite of sensors, SMT and RRC will be creating a “living lab” atmosphere to provide complete analysis of the roof and green roof. The SMT sensors being installed include: Building Intelli roof moisture monitoring systems, green roof performance monitoring, temperature, and heat flux sensors. With all SMT sensors in place, real world research and ongoing academic research in Building Science, Civionics, Material Engineering and Mechatronics can occur. As construction is set to finish at the end of 2017, building envelope sensors have also be deployed to monitor the thermal performance of all building components throughout the building and its lifetime. In the building envelope, SMT’s suite of sensors will be monitoring: moisture around the curtain wall windows, temperature differentials through wall assemblies, solar effectiveness from the skylights, RH and condensation through different assemblies, and thermal transfer through various materials.

Do you need a membrane monitoring system, or building envelope sensors for your next project? Call or email us today!

For more information on the STTC, click here.

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