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Project Profile: Burquitlam Redevelopment

photo credits to Morguard via City of Coquitlam


LOCATION: Coquitlam, BC


AREA: 48, 276 sq ft

SENSOR CLASS: FutureCast Active Monitoring

INDUSTRY: Residential and Mixed Use


This summer, SMT had the chance to install our FutureCast leak detection system in the new development coming to the Burquitlam area. Since the arrival of the Evergreen Line Skytrain Extension, this area has seen an huge increase in population growth, which has created a pressing need for more residential and commercial spaces. The residential redevelopment will include over 2,000 new homes, with half of them designated as rentals. The redevelopment of the commercial spaces will also include new roads and a large open public space including an urban courtyard in the north phase, and an urban plaza in the south phase. The plan's goal for this area is to have a walkable and transit oriented neighbourhood to further promote community building and reduce green house emissions. With long-term owner sustainability in mind, SMT FutureCast was installed to assist the property managers locate and mitigate the risk of building leaks from premature decay. The developers and designers can be reassured that having that added quality assurance to reduce the risk of having to make premature waterproofing replacements.

Included services:

  • FutureCast Active for Inverted Roofs

  • Inverted Roof scanning using Digiscan 360


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