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We provide electronic roof leak detection and building enclosure monitoring solutions for clients engaged in building design, construction, management, and restoration.

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The Complete Solution to Leak Detection

Hear all about how SMT Research is using FutureCast and Digiscan to track and detect moisture to pinpoint leaks before they become a costly disaster.

What's New...

See Through Your Roof in Augmented Reality

Empower maintenance teams with a real-time view of the moisture content below the waterproof membrane on large conventional flat roofs. 

Roof Leak
Detection Scanning

SMT provides fast and reliable leak detection scanning for waterproof membranes.

+ 1000s of roofs scanned     

+ Roofers patch same day    

+ Detailed reports 

Roof Leak
Detection Systems

Advanced moisture / waterproof integrity monitoring for Conventional and Inverted Roofs. 

+  Early notification of moisture buildup

+  Installed during regular construction schedule.

+  Email, SMS, and Building Management System                   notification available. 

FC(C) Install_RRC.jpeg
Investigative Monitoring

SMT has the electronics and expertise to assist with any investigation of the building envelope. We have worked with clients in building science research, construction litigation, and product design testing to name a few.

TWVT screenshot3.jpg

+  Expert design guidance for your monitoring system

+  Robust sensors and data-loggers to monitor RH,                Temperature, displacement, and more

+  Analytics software makes remote monitoring simple


Featured Projects

Commercial, residential, institutional, infrastructural, mission-critical & research projects.